1-4 Weeks available – Rent or Buy

We have inherited 4 floating weeks, which can be rented at cost of annual levy, or purchased outright for cost of transfer/ admin costs. Number of weeks can be negotiated.


  • Diane Mccallum says:

    Hi there…
    Could you email me on how floating weeks work (do these include any school holiday periods or not)
    Cost to purchase (trf/admin)
    And the levy and if it is monthly or yearly and the alternative
    Cost to rent roughly
    Thank you
    Kind regards Di

  • David Foster says:

    Good afternoon

    Could I enquire if you still have weeks for sale


    David Foster

  • Ra Batchelor says:

    I’m very keen
    Please contact me ASAP with details.

  • Jean Berry says:

    Do you still have any floating weeks available, where you could book a week for us late February/March, and we pay you the $850 levy? We would tell you the dates and Unit Number preferred.
    Thanks Jean

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